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To join:

  1. Use this fillable PDF Youth Application form, fill it out, print it out, sign it and give it to Sue Vasil or one of the other pack leaders.

  2. Also please pay the dues, which are $285 per Scout for the 2023-2024 academic year. Siblings get a $100 discount.

  3. Buy a uniform.

Payment options



  • Please write the Scout name(s) in the notes section.

  • Important: Please send payment as “Send to friend.” The default is "Pay for item or service", please change this. Otherwise PayPal deducts fees from the dues.

  • The "Recipient's Name" is Scarsdale Cubs (two words).


  • @Chris-Vasil

  • If Venmo asks make sure to tag the payment as "between friends" or Venmo will take some a fee out of the payment.


  • Make the check payable to "Scarsdale Pack 440".

  • Please write the Scout name(s) in the notes section of the check.

  • Give it to Sue Vasil or other pack leader.

  • 914-320-4511

  • Boy Scouts Of America Pack 440


What is included?

Dues are necessary so there is enough money to cover the expected costs of providing Scout programs throughout the year. All the adult leaders are volunteers. Our pack also does not do any BSA fundraising (popcorn sales) which some packs use to reduce the pack dues.


Rarely, a special program or outing may have additional costs. We will notify you for those specific events. Dues are subject to change each Scouting year.


Specifically, the dues cover the following:

  • Charter Registration and Insurance (through the Boy Scouts of America)
  • Cost of supplies for pack and den events

  • All the pins and badges your Scout earns throughout the year

  • Neckerchief & neckerchief slides (on Moving Up Graduation)

Dues do not cover:

  • Individual camping gear
  • Uniforms

  • Certain special event costs (eg. charter fishing in June or museum tickets)

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