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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cub Scouting a Drop-Off Activity?

Cub Scouting activities are fun-filled family activities. For Pack meetings, Cubs and siblings must be accompanied by an adult. For Den meetings, Cubs in grades K-3 must be accompanied by an adult. For older Dens, it is at the leaders’

Can Siblings Attend?

Siblings are almost always welcome to all meetings and events if an adult is with them.

Who are the leaders?

Parent volunteers! We need the help of ALL parents and guardians to truly make Scouting a rewarding experience for our Cubs. Our leaders are vetted, trained and dedicated. Please see our contact page for more specific leader information and please let us know of any skills or talents you can share with our Pack!

What does it cost?

Pack dues will be $250 for the 2022-23 school year. In addition, each Cub needs a uniform. All events are free except the ski trip and the chartered fishing trip.

Who can join?

Pack 440 is open to all children in grades Kindergarten through 5th Grade. Pack 440 is nondenominational.

When are the meetings?

We have two types of meetings:

Pack Meetings: These are for all the Scouts in grades K-5. Pack 440 meets once or twice per month, typically on Sunday afternoons at 4pm with some exceptions.

Den Meetings: These meetings are for Scouts in a specific grade. For example, all first-graders are in the Tiger Den, all second-graders are in the Wolf Den, and so on. Dens meet one or two times per month to have grade-specific adventures on Sundays at 4pm (timing occasionally varies for outings like a trip to a police station, etc.).

Where are the meetings?

While our pack is secular, Hitchcock Church in Scarsdale generously lets us use the church space for some of our meetings. We also go to local parks, campgrounds, museums, etc. Grade-specific Den meetings also often happen at the homes of Scouting families.

What are the attendance expectations?

We understand that kids today are busy! While we would love to see you at every meeting, Scouts sometimes miss meetings and events due to conflicts such as sports, travel or other obligations. Please join us as your schedule permits. 

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